Fixed Price Website Design and Development

Straight forward and fixed price website design and development. We give our customers a chance to, “be seen, be found and be chosen, on line”. We offer a wrap-around service from start to finish including on-going site maintenance at a fixed price.

We offer a flexible business model that you can add bolt on services to as and when you need them and you can un-subscribe easily when you don’t.

We have our vision, because we can see small business like ourselves being penalised by huge companies and DIY websites, where free, “Do It Yourself,” websites quickly turn into £144 per year.

Small businesses are often tied into deals that recur year after year at exorbitant rates, and as you want to keep your domain name or do not know how to move your site, you pay up and stay put. These companies should not be allowed to get away with it. Yes you can leave any time, but do you know how to move your website from one host to another? A lot of small businesses are stuck.

We can help to stop this. As a small business ourselves, Word-Shed is agile and flexible enough to help you, our customers, shop around and get the best deal. Because we offer fixed price web design and development, you know what you are getting right from the start. And if our web hosting is right for you, we can transfer most websites to our hosting for free.

We have already saved our customers £120 per year on hosting when they have moved from the DIY giants.

A company website is no longer optional, for any business who wants to succeed. Currently, you can’t switch a TV on without an advert for the major DIY site companies.

Since smartphones came out, directory enquiry services are struggling. Have you seen a Yellow Pages or a Thompson directory lately? When I was a child, strong men like Geoff Capes would try to rip them apart. These days, the directories are really thin.

It does not mean local business is dead – it means they do not get a sufficient return on investment with traditional directories. We don’t do paper any more, we ‘Google’ it. Who would have thought that a search engine’s name could actually become verb!This is all because whenever someone wants a phone number these days, they go on-line.

Our services are tailor made to help you be, seen,found and chosen on-line.
We are different.