cartoon bangGreat graphic design sets you apart from your competitors. First impressions really do matter, which is why we co-opt in the best designers from around Merseyside. As a creative co-operative Word-Shed has a fabulous team of graphic designers ready to roll with your next project. Our network of creative professionals will work with you to refine your message and then make sure it is delivered in style.

Business brand identity starts with a great logo, which needs to target your audience and communicate your message. Delivering your unique company message is where we excel. Our designs make an instant impact on your customers, after all a “picture paints a thousand words.”

Our designers can also make you a great business card that will ensure you make the right impression on your client first time every time.

For most businesses these days budget is everything. We can deliver all of these services because of our unique business model, which sees us have no location costs or other overheads. This means we can keep the costs to your business at a minimum without affecting the quality of our service. Get in touch today if you would like to know more.