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Content creation is no longer about putting words on a page that lures your customers to buy. It is about engaging your audience, about them knowing your name and what you are good at. A business that is good at content creation will provide answers to customers for questions they never knew they had.

Printed versions of national newspapers are getting thinner, local papers are merging or closing altogether. Targeted mailshots (aka junkmail) are rarely opened and flyers through the door are often thrown straight into the bin.

More than ever before the power lies with the consumer. Imagine your lawn mower was broken and you want to price an alternative. Type ‘lawn mower’ into a search engine and in less than half a second over ten million results will appear, with sponsored adverts showing a comparison of five mowers in big name stores. However, what would you do if just a bit further down the page there was a blog from a small lawn mower repair shop in your neighbourhood. That is different from others and you may well be tempted to have a look.

What has got you to that local store is content, pictures, stories, animations and good old common sense. All is not lost in the world of the internet, it is just different. Everything has changed now, businesses are competing with the rest of the world, but you have two two advantages, location and loyalty. If you learn how to use these two key factors in internet marketing to your advantage Google will love you. As more and more people have smart phones and use them for browsing the web, location is becoming more and more important. Make sure Google knows you are a local business and you will climb in the rankings and get your business on the top page in your field. If you have a loyal customer base who shares your content then you have the winning ticket. People are unlikely to share the specifications of their new lawn mowers with friends, but they will share You Tube videos of flying lawn mowers that were on the company’s blog or social media page. If you don’t believe this, check out the video here, over 300,000 have viewed this in five and a half years.

If you embrace content creation then you have embraced the internet revolution so have a look at our animation below. We make affordable videos such as this for all manner of companies, if you would like to find out more get in touch.

All aspects of the web at prices you can afford.
Spare 1 minute to find out more and watch our You Tube video.

The video above is an animated promotional video of our services. Our content services cover all aspects of website production from copy writing through to video, animation and photography. We can also assist your social media marketing campaigns with custom images, viral memes, banners, logo’s and written text to maximise engagement.

Our experienced staff only create fully search engine optimised content. We save you time, money and you have the convenience of only having one agency for it all. So get in touch.

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