How to create a PayPal button for your Web page or Facebook Page

I have been asked by a few people today about setting up a donate button on their Facebook page or Website.

So I thought I would write a quick blog post to help you guys out.

  • First lets create the pretty yellow button that goes on our site.
  • Head over to PayPal and log in to your account
  • Click on the Merchant Services tab this works with both a business or a personal Paypal account.paypal merchant 1
  • If you only have a Personal account, you will not be able to accept debit or credit card payments. To accept payments funded by a debit or credit card, you’ll need to upgrade or sign up for a new Premier or Business account. Also the pages you will see at this stage depends on wether you have a business (called Merchant account) or personal account

Busienss ay Pal account image

image of PayPal screen










  • Click on the Donations link
  • Here is where you have some choices of the style of your button and how it works.
  • Specify the name, amount (optional; if you leave amount blank, your donor will be asked to choose a donation amount), and other details of the donation
  • Add more optional information such as a customised button graphic and the ability to include a note with the donation
  • Click Create Button Now and the Button Factory will generate customised HTML code.

For all of you visual learners see the image below

Pay Pal screen shot

Once this is complete you will be given a paragraph of code that you can paste into your website.

I would strongly recommend you save your buttons there and then on Pay Pal. There are third party sites that allow you to create buttons and save them there. Do not do this. A hacker can change a line of code and divert all of your proceeds to themselves. Always use PayPal and never an untrusted source.

Okay don’t shout at me, I hear you all screaming at your laptops, “Lynne, you are having a laugh, paste a paragraph of code?!**?!  Don’t panic I was just coming to that.

Part 2 

Okay, so you have created your button, now let us get it on your website or Facebook page.

I am sure you will appreciate I have spent ages compiling this article to help you guys out. Now it is time to pay it forward. Please like this page to reveal the rest of this content it doesn’t cost you anything, there are no hidden catches and you share the love with others, who will find this information just as useful as you.

Websites (If you only want the Facebook bit, scroll down to save you some time)

If you have a blog type website look for a plug in or widget that allows you to paste HTML into your site and place it somewhere noticeable in your site. (if you have a static HTML site then this part of the tutorial is not for you and you should get your developer, i.e. ME to help)

As most of my customers will use I have pasted screen shots of the process below. Sorry if you use another platform, but there are equivalent Text/HTML boxes in most platforms. I know they have them in Weebly and Blogger.

Step 1

Look for the appearance plug in on the bottom left hand side and click. You will be given some choices in a pop out menu choose Widgets.

screen shot of wordpress dashboard appearance location

Step 2

Look on the left handside of your page for a box marked Text. Click hold and drag the widget into the sidebar of your choosing.

screenshot of text widget

Step 3

Here is a little marketing tip. The best place to put anything that you want your reader to really notice is on the left top or centre of your page. Imagine your page has a large letter F covering the whole page on the left hand side.  Your most prominent features must be based along this F. The donate button is something you want your visitors to take notice of, so it should go here.

So click and drag your text widget to one of your sidebars and release the click. The text widget should now be in the correct place on your page.

Image of widget areas

Step 4

Almost there. Go back to your PayPal button page and (right click to copy) copy your code. Go back to your site click the little black arrow on the right of the box. This will expand the box. Now paste (right click to paste) your code into the large box below the title. Remember to click save at the bottom job done.

screen shot of text widget with code pasted in

Go visit your site and admire, job done.. You should click on the button to make sure that it is working.


Welcome back Facebookers’ this is the bit you have been waiting for.

In a nutshell a great tutorial for this already exists so I wont re-invent the wheel. I will just link to the page here.

EBay Developer blog- the instructions are for a shopping cart button, the same process applies to any button so please do not let that stop you.

Follow this guys instructions and you will not go far wrong.


Good Luck and if you really struggle get in touch, I am sure we can come to some arrangement to help you out.