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Word-shed offers great value Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services that specialises in increasing your visibility on the internet, which in turn generates more leads and sales for your business.

To make  SEO work for your business you have to put in a lot of hours, be dedicated, use diligence and have a well planned blueprint in place.  Successful SEO can not be achieved overnight with a quick-fix, which is the reason so many businesses look to SEO specialists to make use of their skills and knowledge in the field.  Google and other search engines do not publish how they rank sites so to make use of SEO it is important to look at various scenarios and have specialist knowledge. This then leads to educated guesswork and well calculated testing and tweaking to find the right formula for your business.

One thing Google does make clear is that those businesses which have made the most use of SEO have done so by maintaining standards, producing top quality website content and regularly testing the their website’s key content. This is why it makes great business sense for you to pay for your SEO to be done by an expert.

Our work typically leads to a 25% increase in genuine and quality enquiries from customers who are ready to buy, not those who are just doing the web equivalent of window shopping. Lynne is our Freelance SEO consultant and web developer who works with you to examine your business needs and come up with the right strategy for your individual business. As your sole point of contact, your business is our business and we will work with you throughout your campaign measuring and monitoring and making sure that our efforts are producing the results your business needs.

We will evaluate and revise your site, making adjustments where required to make sure the necessary words and phrases are present which can get your site a Page One Ranking in the search engines. Our ongoing involvement means we are working hard to ensure you stay there, producing lasting results by following tried and tested best practices.  In return you will be seen by more potential customers and your revenue will increase, as this SEO case study shows.

Times have changed and so has the way consumers buy products and services.  71% of shoppers research online before making a decision on buying. Being on the first page of search engines for your local area or business specialism is a therefore a goldmine for your business’s profitability.  SEO is very competitive due to its ability to bring so many potential customers to your site and as such many have tried to trick the system over the years. Search engines though are becoming much better at finding out those who do and only sites that are of a high quality and relevant to the industry rank highly. Sites that sit idle are often overlooked, so content needs to be refreshed regularly. A well thought out and continually running SEO campaign that will keep your website on the first page of searches is essential in ensuring your business can compete in your business sector and remains visible to potential consumers.

Why Choose Us

One client per sector, per location – we will not work with your competitors whilst we are working with you, as it is not in ours or your interests to do this. We will analyse how your competitors fare in search engines then put all of our focus on your site to make sure it is up there in the rankings and stays there.
Individual service tailored to the results your business needs. In addition to our great value comprehensive SEO packages, we can work to your budget and make sure you get the best value service possible for your money. If your site page layout needs changing, we will advise on that, but if it doesn’t we will concentrate on the SEO to drive customers to those pages. We will analyse your site and look at how people are getting there, how many pages they visit and at what point they leave. We won’t give you spin that just says you are now getting so many hits a month, we will instead compare this to leads generated from your site and discover what elements of your site are encouraging people to hit the ‘contact us’ link, then make it work even better for you. We will then analyse these results monthly and let you see the results and plan where we need to make adjustments in future months to keep the customers coming.
All genuine SEO good practices – not just here today gone tomorrow tactics that will ultimately get you penalised by Google resulting in your website disappearing from the search engines. We will make sure you have back-links, relevant internal and external links and make use of social media. We move with the times and are always checking up on what Google and other search engines want to get sites high in their rankings, then make sure our customers sites are providing that.


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