Colourful wheel showing seo Search engine optimisation is commonly shortened to SEO and is a crucial part of any business website and your marketing efforts. The whole aim of SEO is to ensure your website can be found by search engines, in other words on Google,Bing and Yahoo.

Having a website for your current customers is great. Your web address is just like your phone number, your customers know what your business name is and type your name or web address into Google and bingo, there you are. The problem is what about your new and potential customers, who have yet to meet you and don’t know how great you are.

On page search engine optimisation involves careful choice of keywords and good web layout. It takes a couple of hours to do and saves you months of time and masses of advertising budget. However the layout part of good SEO can sometimes seem quite complex to people who do not understand HTML code. This means that many self built websites or those built on so-called website builders lack the basic structure that search engines need to read to make sense of your website.

If a search engine cannot find or make sense of your website it will disregard the site and your business will not show up on search results. Unlike other web design agencies and business directories, our on page optimisation is included as standard in even our most basic websites, so you can be sure that your site will be indexed and your business can be found on-line.

For a more comprehensive approach to your on-line marketing efforts, let us take care of technicalities for you with either a full service or a one off website audit. You do not need a new website or even to be a customer of ours. We can audit your website and provide recommendations and take remedial action, whoever your website is with.

Remember, we offer a free no obligation digital business consultation and health check, take advantage and get in touch. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.