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Why Care About Social Media?

45% of the world’s population today uses social media. This is only increasing over time too, with a whopping 288 million new people starting to use social media in the past year. Overlooking the power of social media can squander significant opportunities to grow your market share. (Simon Kemp, Hootsuite)


Build Trust With Your Customers

Social Media strategy is about more than just getting your customers to buy your stock and use your services, it’s one of the most powerful marketing tools for modern businesses. By engaging directly with your customers through social media you build trust and create a feedback loop with your audience. Sharing unique and interesting content makes your followers not just more likely to interact with your business, but also more likely to share your brand with the people they trust too.

71% of customers who have a positive service experience via social media are likely to recommend that company. (Jeff Epstein, Ambassador)


Customer Service Is Key

Times have changed. In previous decades, businesses would get phone call after phone call asking everything from ‘What time do you close on Sundays?’ to ‘When will this item be back in stock?’ to ‘How do I clean this properly?’. Nowadays people still pick up the phone but instead of calling they’ll go to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out. This is especially true for younger customers, with social media engagement highest for those under the age of 35.

33% of customers would rather contact a company through social media than by telephone.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you’ve already signed up to every social media channel in existence, or have never really bothered with any of them, our dedicated team will implement a marketing strategy specific to your business needs. We’ll create compelling content, increase your visibility and keep your brand personality consistent across social media platforms. We also keep a close eye on your competition by tracking the top performers in your industry. This lets us see not just how you compare but also shows what can be done to get your brand up to the top.

Data-Driven Success

We believe that data drives results. We will continuously monitor how well your social media presence is performing by looking at the raw data and offer actionable insights to keep improving on your success. We’ll analyse which words, images, videos are the best for your followers, and research when they are most active online, so that the right type of content reaches your audience and at the right time. We also provide monthly and quarterly reports for you to see exactly how well your campaigns are being received over time.

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