Orange star plan10 Things to plan in to your website design.
Question: How do you know your website will bring you the business it needs to?
Well, your website needs to be more than a few photographs with some lines about who you are and what you believe you do. But there is not too much more to be added and even the simplest websites can help your business develop if they contain the right things.
By planning your website to include or answer all of the points below, you can be sure your website has the ability to develop your business:
1. Explain clearly who you are and what your business is about.
2. Does the home page have a call to action (call now, watch demo, sign up)?
3. Does your site contain a page that can demonstrate how passionate you are about the business and service you provide?
4. Have you included quotes from customers, reviews, messages of thanks and compliments?
5. Have you clearly outlined what your services are as well as listed prices and given details of warranties and refunds?
6. Do your sign-up forms include a section where the customer can input their email address?
7. Does every page include your main contact details?
8. Does your site have logos that show you are credible (e.g. federation of master builders, ADI or awards)
9. Can customers use your website to ‘like’ your business on facebook or follow/share it on twitter?
10. Does your website have promotional offers for customers who order services online?

Getting all of these things write before you even think about design and pictures, will ensure you get the best from your business website.
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