Orange star plan Whether you like it or not, people will judge you based on the email address you use. Free email addresses are easily obtainable and simple to use, but setting up an email address tailored to your business domain will offer professionalism, branding opportunities and much more besides. Here are five ways you can benefit by using a personalised business email address:

Be professional: Whilst you may find that an AOL email address works sufficiently well for you, a customer might regard you as old-fashioned or ‘behind the times’. Similarly, a hotmail address can seem too informal and unprofessional. This can make you seem less serious and less established and both of these factors reflect poorly on your business.

Reinforce your brand: By using your company name in your email address, you promote your business every time you interact with customers, suppliers, vendors, partners and prospects. Each email you send is a marketing opportunity that helps to build your business identity.

Protect yourself: Keep your inbox clean and secure. A paid email account typically features spam filters and anti-virus protection as standard, along with address books and folders, and email encryption with password protection. These help you stay organised, and ensure that any information you send and receive stays private.

Be efficient: Manage all your email accounts in one place. When you create a personalised business email address, you don’t worry about checking multiple accounts daily – most email providers (such as Gmail and Hotmail) allow you to have all your messages forwarded to any email address you choose.

Be accessible: Not everyone you contact will know your website address. But by having your domain name in your email address, whenever you correspond with a customer or prospect, they can see your company name and know exactly how to find your website online.

How to get a personalised business email address?
All our web design packages offer bespoke business email addresses as standard. However if you are not using one of our services, check your web hosting package or domain name registrar as they often offer free or low cost email services.
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